Patient Information

Skin Lesions

Instructions after removal of a skin lesion

Keep the Dressing intact until you are reviewed by Natasha. If the dressing becomes soiled or wet please contact the practice.

Pain relief
The local anaesthetic will take about 2 hours to wear off. At that point you might become aware of some discomfort. Take some Panadol at this point. If needed take Panadol 6 hourly until the area is pain free. On average people will need only one or two doses of Panadol after a small excision.

Not all excisions require antibiotic cover but if you have been prescribed antibiotics please take them as prescribed until the course is finished.

Removal of sutures
If your sutures are non dissolving make sure you have an appointment booked with Natasha or your local doctor to have them removed.

Once the sutures are removed it is important that you keep the new scar taped with “flesh- coloured” Micropore tape. Cut just enough tape to cover the scar. The Micropore protects the new scar form the sun and supports the wound while the scar matures. Taping helps to keep the scar flatter, less red and reduces scar stretch or widening. Ideally you should keep the scar taped for 3 months. Change the tape as you need to, usually every few days. If your skin becomes irritated by the tape you may have an allergy to it and you should stop using it.

Bio Oil, Vitamin E, sunscreen
It is fine to use these as well as the tape. A good time to put them on is in the evening and then reapply tape before you go to bed. You don’t need to take the tape off every day just to use the creams just put some on every few days when you change the tapes. If your scar is in a sun exposed area and you have finished with the period of taping you need to apply sunscreen to the scar every day especially in the summer months as young scars burn very easily.

Most skin lesions removed are sent for examination under the microscope. You will get the result of the histological examination when you see Natasha for a follow up. If you are being followed up by your GP then Natasha will ring you to give you the result. If for some reason you do not get this information please contact the practice. A copy of the histology report will also go to you referring doctor.