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Holding His Nerve – Television

7.30 Report, July 2016

When 19-year-old Jack Vawdrey dived into a friend’s pool and hit the bottom, his life changed forever. The talented young footballer woke in hospital a quadriplegic. But instead of a life of near-immobility, it turned out he was the ideal candidate for groundbreaking surgery that creates new nerve circuits. See the television report here

Holding His Nerve – Article

ABC News, July 2016

Meet Jack, who thanks to Revolutionary Surgery, is regaining his independence one nerve at a time.  By 7.30’s Rachael Brown, Photography by Margaret Burin. Download the full article

Upper Limb Reinnervation in C6 Tetraplegia Using a Triple Nerve Transfer: Case Report

The Journal of Hand Surgery, 2014

Restoration of elbow extension, grasp, key pinch, and release are major goals in low-level tetraplegia. Traditionally, these functions are achieved using tendon transfers. In this case these goals were achieved using nerve transfers. We present a 21-year-old man with a C6 level of tetraplegia. Download the full article

Nerve surgery gives people with quadriplegia use of their hands

Victorian Government Health Information Website

Read the story here.

Vic surgery hope for quadriplegics

The Australian, July 03, 2013

A hasty beach dive on Australia Day last year left Jim Anderson a quadriplegic.

“I didn’t do a very good shallow dive. Went in too straight and just hit the bottom,” the 23-year-old Victorian explains. “It wasn’t really painful. I just couldn’t feel anything.” The spinal cord injury that paralysed his limbs left him with no hand function and limited elbow movement. But during rehabilitation, he was offered groundbreaking surgery. Read the full story.

My Spinal Cord Injury – meet Joel

Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research Website 23 March 2015

The loss of hand function is one of the most devastating consequences of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) because of its severe impact on the everyday activities of daily living. Melbourne University Researcher Professor Mary Galea and Ms Natasha van Zyl, one of three specialist surgeons in the Upper Limb Program at Austin Health are carrying out pioneering research in support of nerve transfer surgery for SCI patients in Victoria. Read the full story.

Austin Health world-first surgery puts life back into hands of quadriplegics

Heidelberg Leader October 28, 2014

THE bravery of a young man and a team of Austin Health surgeons has put life back into the hands of quadriplegics. Two years ago, a world-first surgery was performed on a 21-year-old man who had shattered one of his cervical vertebrae in his neck (called C6) after diving into the surf at Victoria’s Ninety Mile Beach on Australia Day 2012. Read the full story.

New nerve transfer surgery offers hope to victims of spinal cord injury

ABC AM website March 24, 2015

Most of us don’t think twice before picking up a pen, or the phone, or reaching for a fork, but loss of hand function is one of more devastating consequences of spinal cord injury.

In the past, surgeons have experimented with tendon transfers, but a Melbourne team says nerve transfers offer more options and promise better results. Read the full story.